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There are several ways of trying Tiki CMS/Groupware on a CD which contains everything you need to boot your computer from CD, and let you go directly to using your own installation of Tiki.

The most updated one is "Slax Tiki Live CD" (see below), which can also be converted to an UsbTiki, if desired. There is also KnoppixTiki, even if it is much more outdated.

Slax-Tiki Live CD
New Tiki9 LiveCD ready to be tested!

 Changes from ealier TikiLiveCD versions

  • There is no pre-installed tiki, but Tiki6svn is ready to start the installation process.
    • You can use the database "test", with the mysql user "root", which has no password.
  • Subversion is available, so that you are able to upgrade easily to the latest Tiki6 codebase. to do that, open a terminal and type:
    cd /opt/lampp/htdocs/
    svn up
  • PhpMyAdmin is also available to manage mysql databases easily, as well as a few database dumps from previous Tiki versions (Tiki3, Tiki4, ...) inside the folder "SQL" in the Desktop. This way you can try upgrades from previous tiki versions, etc.


The first one was KnoppixTiki, but until somebody updates it, it's not recommended because it contains an old copy of Tiki (dated from 13. November 2004).

For more information, see KnoppixTiki

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