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The Tiki Community

The Tiki Community is a global network of developers, site operators, consultants and end users. Currently tiki.org has over 20 000 registered users and over 300 developers at this site.


Teams are task based small groups of individuals towards more focused goals, according to their experience, availability & interests. Team members aim to make our community more efficient and scalable. They are mentors, coordinators, facilitators.

see here: Teams

Tiki User Groups (TUGs)

Tiki community members can get together in Tiki User Groups based on certain interests, locality or language.

The main focus is to setup language based user groups to give an opportunity for people to communicate and contribute in their preferred language.

If you have any questions towards Tiki User Groups, please mail to the Community Team coordinator Torsten or contact one of the other members of the Community Team.

Community Forums

Feel free to ask your questions or discuss about Tiki in the Forums.

Community Blogs

There are some interesting Blogs to read too!

The Latest News

Follow these news feeds to keep up-to-date with the Tiki Community.

Documentation Updates

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