This is a gateway page with links to everything related to i18n, l10n, translation, etc. in Tiki.

Tiki is an international project, supporting many languages. The default interface language in Tiki is English/en. We support any language which may be encoded and displayed using the UTF-8 encoding. We are always looking for translators. Tiki supports multiple languages and defines a mechanism to easily make the application available in other languages.

What Tiki does

What Tiki should do (but reports, feature requests)

Translation server is at i18n.tiki.org

The Translation Team and how to help get Tiki (better) translated to your language: i18n Team

Multilingual content

Using Tiki to translate your content (keep your wiki pages in sync)

Multilingual interface

The current status of translation: i18n status

Multilingual theming

Theme (template)-related information about language:

Discussion forums


There are many related pages which have been made over the years. Below is an automatically generated list for common keywords.
Language Arabic
LanguageBulgarian - ?????? ?? ?????????? ????
LanguageCatalan - Some info about the translation to Catalan
LanguageCatalan,ca - Informació sobre la traducció al català
LanguageCzech - Everything related to the Czech translation of Tiki
LanguageDutch - De informatie over de nederlandse vertalingen, van de informatie, maar ook het pakket zelf.
LanguageEnglish - Discussion of the english strings in Tiki
LanguageEsperanto - komenco
LanguageExclusion - A good multilingual site should also avoid ununderstood languages
LanguageGreek - Greek translation project
LanguageGreekIssues - Page in greek language/?????? ??? ????????
LanguageHindi - This page is for discussing the Hindi translation of TikiWiki
LanguageHungarian - TW magyarul
LanguageJapanese - Wiki page for TikiWiki Japanese Resources.
LanguageNorwegian - Norwegian Bokmål translation
LanguageRussian - This page is in russian and designated to elaborate various translation issues.
LanguageRussianConventions - Conventions when translating Tiki from English
LanguageSimpChinese - Discussion for Simplified Chinese translation in tikiwiki
LanguageSlovak - Everything related to the Slovak language stranslation
LanguageSlovene - This page is in Slovene Language.
LanguageSwedish - Swedish translators collaboration page (primary in Swedish)
LanguageTradChinese - Tikiwiki in Traditional Chinese(????Tikiwiki?????)
LanguageUkrainian - ????, ?? ?????????????? ??????????????? ???????????? ???? ? ????????
TikiLanguages - Which languages is Tiki translated to ?

i18n status - Help on Translating the Tiki language files to a new target language...
i18n Team
i18n Team Intro
i18n Team Release
i18n.tiki.org - i18.tiki.org project
I18nDev - Development of Tiki's international possibilities

Roadmap for Computer Assisted Translation Tools
Translation branching strategy
Translation Server
Translation Stats
Translation Student Program
Translations depository

LooseMultilingual - Many organizations cannot maintain a parallel multilingual website
MultilingualDev - Goal: to become a strong tool for multi-language sites
MultilingualStep1 - First step for a multilingual tiki
MultilingualWikiPage - How to have a Wiki page in different languages
parallel multilingual - The usual multilingual project


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