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A tradition in the Tiki community, a TikiFest is a meeting between Tiki community members (that usually only meet online). This is an opportunity to socialize, code and discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc.

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Source: http://english.ntdtv.com/ntdtv_en/ns_europe/2009-08-13/093675925612.html (https://tv.tiki.org/tiki-kaltura_video.php?mediaId=1_xxlrdcbg)

source: http://vimeo.com/79766138

Please help to complete the TikiFest Timeline, which is running from tracker 18. If you have a minute (and are logged in) please help add the missing 'fests there. Thanks!

Upcoming Events (confirmed)

  • TikiFestFrOSCon2015
    20-23 August 2015 (check-in 19. check-out 24.)
    University of Applied Sciences in St. Augustin (Bonn), Germany

  • TikiFestFOSDEM2016
    29-31 January 2016
    ULB (Université Libre Brussels) in Brussels, Belgium

Upcoming Events (planning)

  • TikiFestFrOSCon 2016
    end of August 2016 (likely around the 24th at a weekend)
    University of Applied Sciences in St. Augustin (Bonn), Germany

Upcoming Events (tentative)

Please also see: Upcoming Events and WikiMatrix calendar of events

If you want to organize a TikiFest, just edit this page!

Known past Tikifests

Check out the Community Worldmap to see who lives near you. (add yourself to the Map!)

How to organize a TikiFest



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