Blogs are a very hot topic in the web. A blog is a collection of posts, and is used as personal journals, for reviews of movies, for comments about sites, news about a product, world news, personnal thoughts, anything. The Tiki Blog system follows some standard usage rules for that tool family, let's take a look at the menu for blogs in the main menu.

Image There are four or five options in this menu.

Admin posts is treated in BlogAdmin. Let's examine the details of the other options.

List Blogs

Image In this screen you will see a list of available blogs, if you have the right permissions you may see links to post, edit, remove or read a weblog. Remove will remove the whole weblog and all its posts — so use it very carefully. Perms can be used (if admin) to set individual permissions for a weblog.

Reading a weblog

Image When you read a weblog you will see all the posts for today or the previous days. You can navigate the posts using the next/prev buttons at the bottom of the page or you can use the calendar module (if enabled) to browse posts for any given day.

The read screen will display information about the weblog such as number of posts, visits, activity rate and last modification date and if you have the permissions it will display links to post or edit the weblog. There is a find button that lets you search posts.

If you have the permission you will see links to edit or remove a post.


Image The rankings screen for weblogs displays several rankings and charts about the weblogs. You can select the ranking and the number of positions to show and click the view button to see the results.

Create/Edit Blog

Image So you want to set up your personal Journal in the web? You should then create a new weblog and the screen will display a form as above.

You must enter a title for the Blog, a description, the maximum number of posts to show per page and indicate whether to allow other users (any users) to post entries into this weblog. Normally blogs are restricted to allow the user who created the blog to post, but you may want to allow other users to post entries. As the Blog owner, you can delete unwanted entries as you choose.

Once a blog is created you can start posting to it.

Setting individual permissions for a weblog

Image Clicking the perms link from the weblog listing will take you to a page where you can configure individual permissions for the weblog.

Individual permissions, if set, will override the global permissions set for weblogs. This can be used to create private weblogs in your site.


Image Posting is how weblogs are populated. When you post, you select which weblog to use (you will see all your weblogs plus public ones available) and you enter the weblog entry. As you can imagine you can use the Wiki Tag System to edit weblog entries and you can use regular HTML too. Since weblogs are normally private initiatives by users, HTML is always allowed. If you break your own weblog then it will be your problem.

After posting or clicking a read link in the blog listing or by a link you can read a weblog:

Using Desktop Applications for your Blogs

  • You can use Tiki blogs using dekstop applications like wBloggar.
  • Read more at XmlRpcApi.

  • For more information

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