Light in the Tunnel...

Well to see there is progress being done in this area too, let me post this link I found:

Its about posting to an MT weblog via a script called mtsend.py using vim. It utilises the xmlrpc backend. Maybe with some little mod. this tool could work with Tikiwiki too. I'll try to get something outofit. ang

To all of you Desktopians, take a look at a uniform desktop proposal using Tikiwiki, Vim, Evolution/Outlook and some Mozilla:


The idea is to have a powerful editor underneath the personal desktop hood which can serve a multitude of tasks.

Another requirement is also to have in the workspace text editing interface all other desktop features use the same editor.

Like this, alongside a uniform interface for clicking and window navigation provided by the desktop, one may as well edit and type text using a uniform "layer" throughout applications.


Its better learning interfaces for text editing once, than learning many; and as Tiki with its wiki markup is very well designed for keyboard editing, so lets add the magic of Vi to our daily use, and such the Tikiwiki editing environment too.

  • Use Tikiwiki ;-)
  • Use your favorite texteditor (eg.: Vim or Gvim, or Vim for Windows too ):
  • Use your favorite browser (eg.: MozillaFirebird)
  • Extension or command to use for external editing (eg.: for Mozilla use mozEx extension)

Here a brief accessibility table (format):

  • BROWSER=yourfavoritebrowser
    • EXTENSION=yourfavoritebrowserextension or yourfavoritebrowsertexteditcommand
      • EDITOR=yourfavoriteeditor


  • Mozilla family
    • Install MozEx
      • then setup in Tools > Options > Extensions > mozEx > Options
      • check if textarea EDITOR is properly set up: /usr/bin/EDITOR %t
      • USE: right-click on textarea,mozex->edit textarea,EDITOR opens
      • drawback: mouse-click on textarea needed for refresh
  • Lynx
    • lynx tikiwiki.org -editor=EDITOR
      • hit "C-x e" on textarea

Add your browser textarea accessibility description here, please

Why this is useful:

  • The external editor helps recovering from Tikiwiki logouts due to long editing.
  • External editor can perform all formatting and "logic" miracles...
  • You can have syntax highlighting
  • Helps us Tiki users give feedback on Tikiwiki Keyboard Accessibility through browsers.

  • PS.: looking forward for Evolution v2 with integrated vim support ;-)
  • If anyone is interested, there may be some Tikiwiki Vim optimised rc files, once we have them in tune.
  • for devs too?

Contributors to this page: ipkiss , Lorinc and Mose .
Page last modified on Friday 01 September 2006 19:50:51 UTC by ipkiss.

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