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Tiki 1.7.3 Valid Release is available since October 20th 2003.

Chealer9 was the coordinator of this release.
Some of those we thank for making it possible : mose, luci, redflo and zaufi.
Some links for more information about this release

Changes list

  • Fix: PHP errors on edit wiki page if wiki descriptions disabled
  • Fix: duplicated port number in some links if web server configured on non default (80) port
  • Fix: Smarty plugin function.rss - fixed the bug where <ul></ul> was missing for the list in user's created rss module
  • Fix: templates/tiki-view_forum_thread.tpl - fixed the view forum thread right column wrap bug and some missing <b> for </b>, converted &=>& in links
  • Fix: quick workaround for last submissions module which avoids XHTML code invalidity (empty <table></table>) when there were no submissions listed
  • fixed
    errorPlugin disabled
    Plugin sf cannot be executed.
  • fixed wrong number count of items in the last forum topics module
  • fixed download from file galleries when database is used to store
  • fixed
    errorPlugin disabled
    Plugin sf cannot be executed.
  • fixed
    errorPlugin disabled
    Plugin sf cannot be executed.
  • fixed
    errorPlugin disabled
    Plugin sf cannot be executed.
  • improved 'Notheme' themes with some enhancements
  • increased shoutbox module XHTML validity and in many other places too
  • increased performance with a new cache system for article topics images
  • added missing link to tiki-shoutbox.php
  • added missing comments count for view articles list and corrected layout of "Read more" link (if there are no comments, it doesn't display the comments count)
  • added support for viewing user pages where user 'creator' or 'modificator'
  • fixed
    errorPlugin disabled
    Plugin sf cannot be executed.
    about SSL authentication (mose + sebthom)
  • fixed cookie : multi-tiki on same domain name have now distinct cookies using siteTitle preference in case of remember me actived
  • fixed a problem with httpPrefix function in some redirects
  • fixed cookie name and session name for users so it's localized with siteTitle preference (avoiding sliding auth between tikis hosted under same domain)
  • fixed the bug (newline bug) where wiki plugins (e.g. {BOX}, {SPLIT}) ignored "end of line" character in the content and didn't convert it to "<br />" (caused displaying the block of text on one line)

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Torsten Fabricius, 09:54 UTC, Wed 19 Feb. 2014: Hello everybody, please mind the ((TikiFestSysadmin2014)) in August. Mainly meant for the Sysadmins, which are located in and near Germany (and France), active community members from Canada are expected to be attending.
luciash d' being, 12:28 UTC, Wed 01 Jan. 2014: Happy New Year ! :-)
luciash d' being, 14:00 UTC, Sun 27 Oct. 2013: @ricks99: there is a regression bug in Tiki resetting the avatars to the default one imho
Rick, 16:56 UTC, Wed 31 July 2013: What happened to the avatars?
Jonny Bradley, 12:44 UTC, Wed 10 Apr. 2013: Biggest TikiFest in ages starts tomorrow [Link]

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