What is a TikiFest?


Friday March 4th 10h->18h Yoy Cafe 4526 Saint-Denis, Montréal
Saturday March 5th 10h->18h Yoy Cafe 4526 Saint-Denis, Montréal
Sunday March 6th 10h->18h Yoy Cafe 4526 Saint-Denis, Montréal
Monday March 7th 10h->18h CGCOM 85, rue Saint-Paul Ouest, bureau 240
Tuesday March 8th TikiFestBigBlueButton2

In the evenings, we'll be in pubs near the event of that day. Call 514-995-MARC to find us.



  • Marc Laporte (presumably lol)
  • jonny B (arriving evening 3rd March) (staying at Marc's dad's place)
  • Dirk Aevermann & Carsten Aevermann (arriving 4th March) (staying at Marc's place)
  • lindon (arriving March 3rd, 7pm, leaving March 7th in the morning) (staying at Marc's dad's place)
  • Philippe Cloutier (Chealer) (staying at Marc's place, arrival Saturday March 5th)
  • Daniel (Sunday the 6th PM and Tuesday the 8th AM)
  • Daniel Cedilotte (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)


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