this is my personal wiki page.

I published a few criteria and features around the (tikiwiki) blog system. You find the text in the forum Features/Usability or on BlogIdeasPaulap.

And this is the way to my PluginsSandbox.

My tw 1.8 installation diary

This page is about my story to install tw 1.8 on the server of my provider. And it is a hot story. It is a step by step diary of my experiences and actions. Take a look at InstallTroublespaulap01 and help me to finish my adventure.

www.pitschek.com IS ONLINE

My brand new website http://www.pitschek.com is online. In the next few days i will create / add a lot of top info about business process engineering & collaborative platforms. TAKE A LOOK and tell me your feeling about the site.



Release of Tiki version 12.6 LTS

Author: Nelson - Published At: Tue 02 Feb 2016 18:37 UTC

The Tiki Community wishes to announce the release of Tiki version 12.6 LTS, a minor upgrade from the version 12.5 LTS released recently. This version fixes a problem where Tiki Profiles were not installing, and includes a couple of other refinements. The Tiki Profiles installation issue did not affect other versions.

Downloads are available at: http://tiki.org/download

Tiki at FOSDEM 2016

Author: Jan Bambach - Published At: Mon 01 Feb 2016 01:15 UTC

570 speakers, 609 lectures, 619 events more than 5000 hackers and two days - that's the best way to sum up what the annual event for Free and Open Source developers was like this year. Read more about our presence to find out how we reached out to the community.


Important Security Fix for all versions of Tiki

Author: gezza - Published At: Sun 24 Jan 2016 10:31 UTC

The Tiki Community wishes to alert all users of an important security fix included in the new minor releases of all supported versions of Tiki (14.2, 12.5 LTS, 9.11 LTS and 6.15)

In particular, there is a critical issue that could allow arbitrary code execution affecting the calendar feature.

All users should immediately upgrade their Tiki installations, and if that is not possible, at least disable the calendar feature, or at the very minimum make the calendar feature accessible only to trusted users, until the upgrade can be completed.

Downloads are available at: http://tiki.org/download

Thanks to Dany Ouellet (http://securesc.ca/) for reporting the vulnerability!

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