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chibaguy posts: 3470 5 stars

> Same problem.
> It won't allow you to save a module without a title.
> If you enter " " it adds a blank line (semi-breaking the layout)
> and if you enter a space " ", you get the above (a broken div).
> I tried switching it to user_menu, but without luck, I could see why that would make a difference, and some dev. might want to eliminate spaces from the name field (or auto-replace with underscores), as it might be a problem for someone later on.

At my 1.9.0 Tiki site, I have one user module with no name, so I looked at the HTML source, which is like this (the module tags up til the beginning of the module data, and parentheses in place of angle brackets):

(div class="box module_a")
(div class="box-title")(/div)
(div id="mod-module_a" style="display: block" class="box-data")

(div id="module_a" style="display:block;")

So it looks like nothing breaks or gets substituted if there isn't a module title. (Curiously, the information used — module_a in my code there — is the name of another user module, not this one, but that's another issue and doesn't effect what we're talking about, I imagine.) So maybe you'll need to upgrade to version 1.9.0 to get the behavior you want.

-- Gary

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