Translation Server


All information for end users to be able to translate should be in a workspace on tiki.org

The translation server is located at i18n.tiki.org (which is where you should go to use it.) The current page is to plan/discuss how to improve this feature


Make it easier for people to contribute translations to the main Tiki code base. This is similar to Pootle or Launchpad Translations (codenamed "Rosetta") as it will permit translations via the browser. But it will take this one step further because it permits to translate in context. Indeed, it's like the existing Interactive Translation feature, but making it easier to contribute back to the project. It could be distributed or centralized or both.


Let people do their translations locally and make it easier to share them. Interactive translations would have to permit users to tag some translations as "to share" and others as "local".

Perhaps their local Tiki could generate diff files suitable for Web Commits. Related: Viral Tiki.


Set-up a translation server with the web-based, interactive translation feature, and translation commits to main code base could be done regularly from i18.tiki.org to SVN. We would need to find a way to credit the translators in the SVN log. Users would need to register and get admin access (somehow) to be able to access all the strings. No long term information should be on this server (like coordination info between translators). This type of information will continue to be on tiki.org/i18n as it always has.


This project is now live with Tiki6. This project had been in discussion for a while, but was pushed back as all the energies were redirected to wiki-translation.com . See http://i18n.tiki.org .


  • Rodrigo
  • luci
  • MarcLaporte
  • olaf-michael (omstefanov)
  • you?

To do

  • add a form: "add a language to Tiki" on tiki.org/i18n
    • from then on, they can participate online
  • setup security (filters) and InterTiki and make these parts non-modifiable via the interface

  • Interactive Translation
  • If a translation is the same as in English (e.g. "Bimester" is "Bimester" in German, too), the translation is not saved. Reported by Gregor
  • URL too long error. Below steps to reproduce the problem. Reported by Jean-Luc.
    • on tiki-edit_languages.php select “unstranslated strings”
    • search for "repository" – 2 occurences found
    • translate the two strings
    • save them
    • clear the filter and you will get "URL too long" error

How to setup a translation server

  1. Install Tiki
  2. Setup Interactive Translation
  3. Setup InterTiki (optional)


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