Community Backups


Information related to Backups of community Hetzner and ES Servers and Sites as of 2019.

1.1. History 

Traditionally backups of most *.tiki.org sites were centralized in a bkp.tiki.org server in amse2, but it seems to have been discontinued at some point during 2019.

Some other backups where handled in a decentralized way using Syncthing by several tiki project admins (those who voluntarily offered to learn how to help and shared their own Tb of disk space).

Lastly, some sites where backup up elsewhere by their own sysadmins (composer, show, show2, r, etc)

1.2. Decentralized via Syncthing 

That requires that project admins share disk space with their own resources to hold copies of most (all?) *.t.o sites. Therefore, no money would be needed to the central project funds to get the solution started/situation improved.

1.2.1. How to setup a new server with Synthing 


In the meantime, see:

1.2.2. List of Syncthing IDs 

From devices being in a decentralized network

To be continued

1.3. Centralized solution 

Do we want to repeat that process again? For how long? Where do we plan to get the money from?
Links to documentation pages of former (discontinued) solutions: HetznerBackupSpace & BackupOfTikiSites

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