Community Building

Community Building focuses on making Tiki better as a community, and coordinates all efforts related to user support, volunteers coordination, welcoming new users, TikiFests, Webinars, Dogfood, etc.

Release responsibilities

  1. Review Tiki Welcome, as all new registrants are sent to it after validating their email link.
  2. Identify new volunteers
  3. Monitor support forums and help identify any blockers & regressions.
  4. Update List of all code contributors
  5. Implement new Dogfood features on *.tiki.org to help test and make the community more open efficient and welcoming

Ongoing responsibilities

Make the Evolution of participation smooth


Maintain community sites

Make it easy to register

  • We want a bigger button somewhere
  • UI issue: Provoke error “Password must be different from the user login.” and you loose capcha , some fields like Country, and you get “You do not have permission to insert an item”

Welcoming new users

Fighting Spam

Make sure people can get in touch with the right people




  • Support forums Ricks99: once or twice a day
  • Answer the general contact us page Ricks99: on a weekly basis.
    • This contact form should be modified so that it’s more like a ticket system
      • Person that contacts us gets a copy of the message
      • Volunteer fills the answer in a box and closes the ticket and the system sends the email out. Thus, the interaction is archived and the message is sent out.
      • Would be nice to have some form replies (ex.: via the toolbar)
        • Thank you for contacting the Tiki community. This is a community of volunteers and we are very proud of providing the FLOSS Web Application with the most built-in features. However, there is too much demand (not enough volunteers to offer one-on-one support. Your message has been identified by a volunteer as being a support question. Please repost in the forums where other community members can see it and hopefully reply to it. A benefit is that the reply will be useful to help the next person who has that problem. If you need timely support, you should consider hiring a Consultant.

Community Calendar

  • Maintain the “official” Tiki Community calendar http://info.tiki.org/tiki-calendar.php
  • Review/add new event submissions that meet the following criteria:
    • A scheduled or planned TikiFest
    • A conference or summit with a Tiki-related presentation or paper
    • A conference or summit with a presentation or paper by a Tiki community member


Ideas / Brainstorming / Questions

  • Should we have a dedicated team for welcoming new community members (aka the “Welcome Team”)
  • It would be nice to be able to build the community and determine why new users register at t.o. Maybe we can include a user tracker (post registration, perhaps as part of the Welcome page to collect/analyze:
    • Why are they registering for a Tiki account?
      • Prompted after installation?
      • Want to have access to forums?
      • Want to become a committer?
      • etc.
    • What do they expect from the community?
      • Support?
      • Involvement in active community?
      • The chance to “shine”?
    • What can they give to the community?
      • Coding -> Development

      There are lots of ways to contribute other than coding:
      • Layout/design -> Themes
      • Marketing/PR
      • Legal
      • Doc/support


Page Aliases

Community Team

Why Register?

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