Configuration Profiles

Configuration Profiles are responsible to produce a great first impression and useful out-of-the box solutions for site admins. Maintaining profiles for use cases, a coherent admin panel, and sensible defaults.

Release responsibilities

  1. Determine which profiles are “Featured” and make them excellent
  2. Make sure admin panels are intuitive and appealing for site admins. For end users and content creators, see UX and Themes.
    • Pretend you are a end-user and install Tiki and address any unclear user interface.

Coordination page:


  • Search
  • CodeMirror
  • Jison Parser
    • Make it only available to developers for now, at least in 9.x and 10.x because it can severely break things and people don’t know why and it causes support request and false bug reports.



SEO & Profiles

When we work on branding, and surely look at SEO, let’s use all these backlinks to promote taglines. Ex.:


How to restrict the list of categories shown in Profiles Admin Panel?


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