The Developers are the umbrella group responsible to make Tiki better as an application. Please see how to get commit access.

Release responsibilities

  1. Make Tiki good enough (fix bugs, etc.) so that it can be released by the Packaging
  2. Provide Documentation with basic information about features.
  3. Update all Developer documentation to take into account new version number and features. Ex.: Download, Commit, Hello World, etc....
  4. Review all Experimental branches and delete if appropriate (could be done at any time, but a 6-month reminder is good).


Ongoing responsibilities

  • Semi-automatic merging period: handling them and deciding when to stop
  • Fix bugs
  • Add features
  • Keep branches and trunk in a dogfood quality and "releasable on relatively short notice"
  • SourceForge.net: Keep our space tidy there
  • Keep up to date and useful all the developers documentation workspace at http://dev.tiki.org (while bug report & wish list triage is handled by the Wishlist Triage.)
  • See Interaction with other communities below


Interaction with other communities

Included code

Make sure the list below has a contact name for each (This list of names could also be maintained with version numbers)

  • jQuery community (Jonny?)
  • Smarty community (Stéphane?)
  • Zend Framework community
  • PHP community
  • MySQL/MariaDB communities
  • cclite software and their main developer (Xavi)
  • R software and their community (Xavi)
  • jCapture and their community (Marc)
  • Kaltura. They requested a cleanup of our documentation page. Also, the special license exception needs clarifying. Also dogfood at tv.tiki.org needs to be decided/cleared up
  • Google: Google Translation, Google Summer of Code, Chrome issues, etc.
  • Microsoft Translations (Greg Martin & Pascal St-Jean)
  • Clipperz + our community account (Marc)
  • Piwik (changi?)
  • HTMLPurifier
  • CKEditor (Geoff?)
  • elFinder (Jonny)
  • jQuery.sheet (Robert)
  • jQuery.s5 (Robert)
  • OpenLayers
  • PHPIDS (Integration on hold for now, but Marc is the contact)
  • SabreDAV (not yet integrated, but is on roadmap)

Sub Teams


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