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Improving search results for Tiki pages


Too many times search results are not showing or rank properly relevant information for our users looking for an answer (support, doc or else). There are worst cases. Sometimes the top results will display a "maintenance" page, a template or a page with information for the technical team or reused somewhere else (file or tracker item) way before the relevant content. Sometimes outdated page or a page about a feature removed will be available way before its replacement, a new (or revamped) and used feature. This contribute to confusion and gives Tiki a bad image.

Not found first page samples:

Maintenance/Template page sample:

  • ... To come

Outdated/removed page sample:

  • Search on Google for "Tiki SEFurl": The first result is a very outdated (harmful) community page, https://tiki.org/SEFURLs
  • ...

If we improve globally for such page it will have an impact on other page as Tiki has many global parameters.
Plus it may help us to promote Tiki page guideline:

  • Choose a title for the page
  • Format we use (heading, list, etc)
  • Important content to use (there is a solution)
  • Important content NOT to use (I’m stuck, it will be fix later, etc)
  • Links and alias usage
  • Metatags or tags usage






Let’s try to use real life cases and understand why a page is not valued as top result like we expect it would.


Expected outcome

  • Having "users" relevant Doc page found properly
  • Having secondary or not "users" relevant page hidden or far from the top results
  • Having outdated and harming page "hidden" (private usage)

Ideas and insight about search

  • ...

Technology we can leverage

  • Search index
  • ElasticSearch (or replacement) / Kibana
  • Federated Search

Out of scope

  • ...

Page last modified on Friday 18 June 2021 05:46:14 GMT-0000

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