Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles that show up underneath a person's eyes can cause social embarassment and pain. Most people who experience this condition do not like the way that dark circles make their eyes look. People who are experiencing problems with dark eye circles can now find relief. Here is a list that contains some of the most effective ways to get rid of this skin condition.

Homemade Solutions

Homemade solutions can be effectively used to get rid of dark circles. There are many different types of remedies that people can use from ingredients that are commonly found within a home.


Cucumbers are vegetables that people often eat in salads, soups and in various vegetables dishes. They are also used in health spas because of their healing properties. Cucumbers have a mild astringent property and they can also lighten a person's skin. They are often cut and placed directly over the affected areas of the eyes to help eliminate this condition.


Raw white potatoes have a bleaching property that is practical for lightening the skin. People can peel and cut pieces to place directly over their eyes.

Almond Oil and Vitamin E

Almond oil and vitamin E are not commonly found around a person's home but they are usually available for sale at health stores and pharmacies.These two substances are beneficial to a person's skin and they help to improve blood flow and circulation. Almond oil can be dabbed onto a person's skin with a cotton ball or cloth and vitamin E is usually sold in cream form. This substance can be rubbed onto a person's skin. Applying these solutions on the skin right before bed produces the best results.


Tomatoes contain certain acids that will help to eliminate wrinkles and problem spots in the skin. The acid is great for removing dark circles and healing the skin.

Lemon juice, coconut water, teabags and almond oil can all be used to get rid of dark circle problems.

Topical Solutions

Topical ingredients such as topical vitamin C, pentapeptides and Idebenone can be used to eliminate dark circles. Each of these substances can get rid dark circles. They all work by helping the skin to lighten, removing dad cells and improving blood flow circulation.


Retinoids have the ability to cause skin cells to die at a rapid pace causing newer cells to form. When a person uses this substance on a regular basis it helps the skin to stay younger by continually killing off old cells which helps to stimulate newer skin. Retinoids also slow the breakdown of collagen which also helps the skin to look vibrant and young. A thickening effect is also produced from retinoids.

Alpha-hydroxy Acids

Alpha-hydroxy acid can also be used to eliminate dark circles. This substance is commonly found in many fruits and it is designed to remove the top layers of a person's dead skin. Since it provides this type of effect it is good for reducing wrinkles and fine lines that appear on a person's face. This substance even has the ability to stimulate collagen production which helps to improve the condition of person's skin.

Other solutions includes the use of medical treatments. Medical treatments such as dermabrasion, laser resurfacing and alpha-hydroxy acids can also be practically used for eliminating dark circles. Retinol is a great substance for getting rid of dark circles. This substance comes highly recommended for this purpose.
There are many over-the-counter eye creams and solutions that can be applied onto a person's eyes. Many of these solutions are practical for getting rid of skin problems that take place on affected areas. People should also be aware of the fact that allergies can contribute to dark circles. Allergy medication can be used to clear this up.

People should also take care of their bodies by eating a proper diet and making sure they get enough rest. These two activities are important for keeping the body supplied with the nutrients and healing that it needs to keep dark circles from forming.

Habits such as smoking and alcohol can contribute to dark circle formation. Over time these habits will damage a person's skin. People who have dark circles should consider stopping these activities in order to clear up this problem. Ultimately, dark circles can be cleared up and do not have to remain a problem for people who experience this condition.

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