Follow-up release: Tiki 24.2 - please update Tiki 24.1 websites

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Tiki 24.2 was released on September 23, a quick but necessary update to the most advanced Tiki Long-Term Support version. Tiki 24.1 was released just a month ago, but websites using that version should be updated to version 24.2. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the timing of this update.

Download information is at Get Tiki.

New Tiki Releases: 18.9 LTS, 21.6 LTS, 23.2 and 24.1 LTS

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On August 23, 2022, Tiki 18.9 LTS, Tiki 23.2 and Tiki 24.1 LTS were released, and Tiki 21.6 LTS was released the next day. These releases bring functional enhancements, bug fixes and security updates.

Tiki 24.1 LTS has received improvements and enhancements in trackers, calendars, web mail, newsletters, toolbars, wiki structures (page sets), French translations and many other areas.

For Tiki 21.6 LTS, there was some cleanup of old code as well as miscellaneous minor fixes and enhancements.

For users of Tiki 23, the update includes improvements and fixes in wiki plugins, trackers, maps, CKEditor functions, and user registration, among others. This is essentially an end-of-life release so users of Tiki 23 should consider upgrading to Tiki 24.

Tiki 18 LTS was updated for probably the last time as it is approaching the end of its service life. For more information, please see End of service life approaching for Tiki 18 - what options do you have?.

The releases include a fix for a security vulnerability reported by Egidio Romano (aka EgiX), whom we deeply thank for his detailed report.

Download information is at Get Tiki.

Tiki at FOSDEM'23

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Each year, Open Source developers from around the world gather in Brussels to be a part of FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting). Since 2009, Tiki has been a frequent participant at FOSDEM, and once again in 2023 Tiki developers are taking part.

In the FOSDEM23 Collab Dev Room Tiki Session, to highlight one important new development in Tiki, Jonny Bradley will talk about "The Relentless March of Markdown" (https://fosdem.org/2023/schedule/event/collab_tiki/) as "Tiki Flavored Markdown" is being honed to eventually replace Tiki's native wiki syntax.

A TikiFest, a tradition in the Tiki community as developers and users and other interested people come together, is also being held in conjunction with FOSDEM 2023. Anyone in the area is welcome to join in. Information is at https://tiki.org/TikiFestFosdem2023. And there will be an online component in the form of a FOSDEM 2023 Tiki Roundtable Meeting — anyone who would like to log in to this virtual get-together is very welcome. Information is at https://tiki.org/Roundtable-Meeting-2023-01 .

Tiki Project Welcomes New Administrators

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Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is an organic self-governing project that does things "the wiki way" and, in this spirit, when it's time to find people to join the group of project administrators, we draw from the community or active participants who can contribute time and effort to help with the guidance and direction of the project.

At this time, the Admin Group of the Tiki Software Community Association is pleased to announce the addition of two new members, Habiba Shahbaz and Roberto Kirschbaum. Habiba is bringing her unique skillset to keep the wheels of project administration turning smoothly, and Roberto has been actively contributing his coding skills, managing releases, and participating in community meetings. We are very pleased to make this announcement, and thanks again to the new admins for joining as we look forward to a great 2022.

Another administration change to announce is that Bilal Siddiq has resigned from the administrators group to devote more time to his other pursuits. We thank Bilal for his time in the group and wish him the best.

About the new members . . . .

Tiki 24 LTS Released

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After several months of hard work, the latest long-term support version, Tiki 24, has been released. This version of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, which benefited from EvoluData's junior developer sponsorship program for a more coordinated approach to bug fixing, includes significant new features and numerous bug fixes and security enhancements. We are pleased to make Tiki 24.0 available at this time. Regular feature support will be provided for Tiki 24 via point releases until at least March 2024, and security updates until the end of the version's service life in March 2027. See the timeline on Tiki Versions.

Tiki Roundtable Meeting - November 2021

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We will be having our monthly community meeting Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 15:00:00 UTC, and everyone using Tiki or otherwise interested in Tiki is invited to attend. This is a casual online (virtual) meeting, and there are no special technical requirements to participate.

Please come to tiki.org/live. For more information, and to see the agenda, please visit Roundtable Meeting 2021 11.

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