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Release Team

The Release Team is about managing the process to achieve timely releases of Tiki, and coordinating throughout the community as almost all Teams should participate actively to each release. A balance needs to be maintained: "Don't rush, yet don't slow down". See all the Contributions of each Team to the release process.

Ongoing responsibilities

  • Set a general timeline for each release, according to our Version Lifecycle.
  • Pick a star name.
  • Decide When to branch and create the branch.
  • Coordinate with the Wishlist Triage Team to track list of regressions and follow-up to get resolved (triage, blockers management, etc.).
  • Coordinate with other teams to insure that each of the Contributions of each Team to the release process are covered.
    • Agree to an action plan which is on or linked from the release page, such as Tiki18.
    • These people know several months in advance what their responsibilities are and thus, have ample time to plan and improve the procedure (and make sure nothing happens in the development cycle which will jeopardize their part).
  • Coordinate the actual various release runs (Alpha, Beta, RC) with the Packaging Team.
  • Decide when to release.

For each release, a release coordinator, and two assistant release coordinators are picked. This should be done towards the beginning of the cycle, so for example, as soon as 19.0 is released, it's time to identify them for 20.0

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As with any role, it's important to have more than one person with the skills.



Note: Some of these should be moved to the Packaging Team.

Be in touch with the developments on your release. It's mandatory to be subscribed to the SVN Mailing List for this, so you can catch up after you're away.

Be available on IRC throughout the release cycle for assistance/support and coordination.

Have knowledge of or background in software engineering, and especially with SVN.

Be comfortable working with people. Self-sufficient release managers can end up working in isolation. Social skills are a plus, adequate English is useful, too.

Have a Linux computer so you can use the release scripts, and create the tar.gz files. See: How to release.

It's useful to be able to code in PHP, too, especially to fix any last minute showstoppers.


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