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  • Where are we?

We are in Neiva Huila Colombia

  • Where do we want to be?

We want to be all around the world

  • Who is working on what?

Students of English of Colegio Claretiano are working in their English learning.


English Teachers
Maria Ilse Jimenez
Gloria Ducuara
Cecilia Pineda

Who is working here generally? Link UserPage.
Cecilia Pineda


Students of Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Ninth Grade
Tenth Grade

Competition and standards

Answer addresses most aspects of the question and uses sound reasons and cites and explains
appropriate examples. Uses skills of evaluation as well as analysis and synthesis.

Answer deals with most aspects of the question and makes correct inferences, although minor
errors may exist. Comprehension is on an inferential level and the key skills are synthesis and analysis.

Answer deals with material on a concrete, literal level that is accurate in most dimensions.


Where ideas can be exchanged, debated, etc. Interested people can subscribe to the wiki page and/or to these forums as they would a mailing list.

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