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Webinar 2012 01


Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 21:00:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)


Recording of the webinar (Go to 1h18m minutes)


17 people on audio



See Webinars for a detailed description of sections

Tiki 8 feature presentation (20 min)

This month will be Tiki Draw and Tiki Docs.

Examples of Tiki in Use (10 min)

Developer discussion (30 min)

  • Tiki Report, by Robert Plummer
  • Tiki Connect services (proposed by sylvie)
  • Jison parser (proposed by sylvie)
  • Revamped Tiki Trackers usability (proposed by Jyhem)
  • PluginConvene Jyhem has suggestions

Open Space and community discussion (30 min)

  • How do you like the format of these webinars and how can we make them better?

Batch on our bug tracker

How can we improve our bug tracker up-to-dateness.
Previous discussion:

  • Proposal1:
    1. batch job (https://doc.tiki.org/Batch) asking reporters to re-evaluate after x months of no change (including no new comments), and changing status to pending?
    2. changing status to pending or closed (to be discussed) with a field set to "outdated" after X years of inactivity on that item (including no new comments).

    batch on trackers
    Accept Undecided Reject
    3 0 0
    • xavi
    • luci
    • jonnybradley

Other topics

  • Add your topic here


  • Marc Laporte
  • sylvieg
  • Rick Sapir (ricks99)
  • Pete Jalajas (petjal)
  • Geoff Brickell (eromneg)
  • Xavi
  • Eric Beaurivage (sipherdee)
  • luci
  • Fred Blauer (fblauer)
  • Philippe Back (philippeback)
  • Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem)
  • Gary (chibaguy)
  • Bernard Sfez (yonixxx)
  • jonny B (jonnybradley)
  • Philippe Cloutier (Chealer9)
  • Add your name to this list




To follow-up

  • Xavi will go ahead with proposal of automated tracker changes on dev.tiki.org
  • More discussion on how to have an easier to access watch category on pages like dev.tiki.org/Calendar

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