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Wishlist Team

The Wishlist Team reviews patches, bug reports and feature requests and prioritizes and categorizes them. They just triage but don't fix. The coordinator is Pascal St-Jean.

Release responsibilities

  1. Test/triage all reported patches
    • Contact them to invite them to commit directly and be active in the community
  2. Test/triage all reported bug reports
    • Test the fixes and close the bugs
  3. Review How to Submit a new item on the Wishlist to make sure it's still relevant and update to take advantage of new features.


  • Maintain dev.tiki.org, except for developers documentation workspace which is handled by the Developers Team.
  • Pre-Dogfood Servers are a great place to test reported issues.

Wish list triage proposal 2013

This will

  1. Motivate new community members, because they have quick feedback (and we'll get more committers)
  2. Free up tiki-devel of bug reports
  3. Make sure that all easy things are fixed
  4. Give a good overview of all issues and opportunities (ex.: report of all wishes on blogs is useful before a revamp)


  • Merge field 56 into field 93, after checking that 93 is what we want
  • field 93: check with standard, and document


  • Decide what to do with this leftover text from the deduplication
{GROUP(groups="Team Developers")}Notes before or while fixing (developers):
* Be in touch with the person that reported so he can help/update/retest/mark as solved.
* If you need to ask another dev something do it by yourself. Answering to the bug reporter that he should ask another dev is usually not working and add confusion.
* Be sure you comment the log report with step taken and bug fix completion (svn release, backporting, etc).{GROUP}

  • figure out why Ratings (field 62) keeps on re-appearing as the 1st field
  • Change Easy Importance Priority for a scale of 5 instead of a scale of 10, and update all data
    • And at that point change the math to do x4, so it remains on a scale of 100


  • Setup show.tiki.org
  • Find a person to do triage: valid? duplication? & assigned to
  • Establish a clear policy with respect to Where to report bugs? (and reduce bug reporting traffic on dev mailing list)
  • Setup two main perspectives on dev.tiki.org
    • Wishes
    • Developers documentation
  • Batch actions on the bug tracker
  • Build and maintain a list of contact people per feature (to inform them of new bug reports for their features)
  • Rating of quantity of work ex.: papercuts done:
  • Have different input form for feature requests vs bugs
    • ex.: version number is not relevant for feature request
  • Simplify category system on dev (and merge info using tiki-admin_categories.php)
  • Merge info from Wishlist Team
  • Review all pages with "Dev" in the name and merge any relevant info to dev.tiki.org and delete them.
  • Merge categories on dev.tiki.org


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