NOTE: we have added some minor fixes with

FIX PHP Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference
in /lib/adodb/ on line 2797 - ohertel
FIX basic profile: Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 23 of 27 bytes
in /tikiwiki-1.9.3/tiki-modules.php on line 67 - ohertel
FIX MD5 values for tiki secdb - ohertel
FIX What-you-see-is-what-you-can-access fix: a not accessable feature is
hidden - marclaporte
FIX trackers: get the right number of items - sylvie
MOD update fr translation - sylvie
MOD trackers: give the possibility to move the fields more
than 1 step - sylvie
MOD another crosslink feature -> documentation - marclaporte
MOD default_wiki_diff_style: minsidediff - marclaporte
MOD some features disabled by default: feature_wiki_export,
feature_galleries, feature_help, feature_multilingual,
feature_user_watches_translations, feature_dump,
feature_view_tpl - marclaporte

Release 1.9.3:

Some of the changes:
- wiki pages: search & replace feature
- rss feed for upcoming events from calendar
- intertiki: share the user database of one tiki with several other tiki installations elsewhere
- multiple fixes to trackers, wiki pages, groups, categories, blogs, etc.
- usability improvements: 'tip' boxes, crosslinks between features and admin pages
and many other things.

See the (not yet) complete changelog at ReleaseProcess193.