1.7.1 is right around the corner

Author: Terence - Published

We plan to release 1.7.1 next week. Any devs who want to check in any last minute bugfixes should do so now. It'd be greatly appreciated if doc writers can polish up the install and upgrade docs (if needed) in preparation for the new release and newcomres. See these links for more information:
1.7.1 ready to rumble?
Fix bugs on bugfix branch *AND* HEAD

tikiwiki.org is *not* a demo site

Author: Terence - Published

Please do not conduct your TikiWiki tests on this website. tikiwiki.org is not a demo site. You may doodle in the Sandbox; anything more should be done on a demo site, like the Tiki 1.7.x Test/Demo Site.

Thank you for helping us make tikiwiki.org a useful place for both users and developers.

Tiki 1.7 -Eta Carinae- released

Author: marclaporte - Published

Tiki 1.7 features over 150 changes (new features, usability enhancements or bugfixes) and a general improvement in usability and look and feel. New features: Galaxia Workflow Engine, JgraphPad integration, WAP & VoiceXML support, Live support system, Event Calendar, phpOpenTracker inegration, Charts and rankings, Print2PDF, Short URLs, Enhanced Install system incl. multisite feature, Banning system, Copyrights management System, Improved forums & blogs, WYSIWYG editor for blogs, UTF-8 encoding for emails and rss, Tiki Debugger Console, Improved general UI for users and admins, Multi page articles, Enhanced Category & structure systems, Many new themes, Script/robotic user registration blocker.

Download now!

Missing articles restored

Author: Terence - Published

As some of you may have noticed, all but one of the articles on tikiwiki.org disappeared today. They have all been restored, to the best of my knowledge. Rest assured that the disappearing articles had everything to do with my (Terence's) ineptitude and nothing to do with the security bug found in v1.7 RC3.

Tiki 1.7 -Eta Carinae- RC3 released

Author: mose - Published

The main point in that release candidate is the fixed registration. It was blocking the rc2. If you use the 1.7rc2 you should upgrade to rc3. There is no db change, only some files fixed.

Tiki 1.7 -Eta Carinae- RC2 released

Author: marclaporte - Published

RC2 included loads of bugfixes, tweaks and usability improvements added since release candidate 1:

-New jgraphpad module (v2.2.1.1)
-New themes
-Better mail handling
-Enhanced install script
-Tiki Debugger Console
-Improved wiki edit conflict detection
-New Category plugin and 2 other modules

Tiki 1.7 -Eta Carinae- RC1 released

Author: Marc Laporte - Published

A lot of new features, including multi-server capability, workflow engine (galaxia), WYSIWYG editor, WML&PDA extensions (HawHaw), an events and groups calendar, many new plugins, several feature enhancements, and more.