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Happy Birthday Tiki

Author: Rick - Published

Nine years ago this month marks the initial release of the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware project. Known then as TikiWiki, the initial release (version 0.9) included a mere fraction of the features available today. Since 2002, the Tiki Community has become one of the largest open-source teams in the world and is in the top 2% of all projects on Ohloh.

Tiki releases, 0.9 to present
Tiki releases, 0.9 to present

In July 2003, Tiki was awarded SourceForge.net Project of the Month... less than one year after the project began!

Happy Birthday Tiki!

Nominate Tiki for 2011 Open Source Awards

Author: Rick - Published - ( Reads)
Once again, it is time for you to help nominate Tiki for the 2011 Open Source Awards. The awards, sponsored by Packt are now in their sixth year and help to recognize and reward Open Source projects.

Nominations are open through September 9, 2011... Tiki needs your support! Use this form to nominate Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware in the Open Source CMS category. The nomination process takes only a few seconds and is a great way to demonstrate your support for Tiki.

You can read more about the 2011 Open Source Awards on the Packt Publishing blog: http://www.packtpub.com/blog/2011-open-source-awards-announcement

A new way to contribute to Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

Author: Rick - Published

Unlike other open source applications, the Tiki project is supported entirely by its community. The Tiki Software Community Association, an incorporated non-profit entity that was formed in 2009 as the legal steward for Tiki, is now accepting financial contributions from those who wish to support Tiki monetarily. Donations will be used to support the Tiki community hardware infrastructure, domain fees, TikiFests, and other community expenses.

A financial contribution is not required to join the Tiki Community, become a developer, or use Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. There are many other ways to support Tiki such as becoming active on the support forums, contributing to code development, or writing documentation.

For full details on the new Tiki donation program, see http://tiki.org/Donation.

Support Tiki (and your favorite Free/Open Source projects) on Ohloh.net

Author: Rick - Published
Ohloh is free, public directory of open source projects. More than a simple listing, however, Ohloh is community that provides extensive analytic and historical data about free and open source (FOSS) projects. You can think of it as "Crowd-sourcing intelligence about thousands of FOSS projects."

Ohloh has an extensive tagging system that you can use to search for specific projects. For example, Smarty (the template engine used in Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware) is highly popular and used by many applications. Simply visit http://www.ohloh.net/tags/smarty to find other projects that use Smarty. You can even use the Related Tags feature to find projects that share similar technologies or topics. If you find incorrect or missing information, you can easily update the information (just like Wikipedia) by logging in.

Fournisseur de services Tiki

Author: GuyVigneault - Published

L'Association Tiki Software Community est heureuse d'annoncer le lancement de son programme Fournisseur de services Tiki, destiné à correspondre avec les Consultants Tiki pour les utilisateurs qui souhaitent acheter un soutien ou une configuration personnalisée. L'inclusion d'un consultant spécifiques (particulier ou entreprise) dans le programme des Fournisseurs de services Tiki ne constitue pas une approbation par l'Association Tiki Software Community. Cependant, tous les conseillers sont membres de la Communauté Tiki et ont accepté le Code de conduite Consultants Tiki. En travaillant avec ces consultants, les clients contribuent à développer la Communauté Tiki.

Announcing the Tiki Service Provider Program

Author: Rick - Published

The Tiki Software Community Association is pleased to announce the introduction of its Tiki Service Provider program, intended to match Tiki consultants with users who wish to purchase support or custom configuration. Inclusion of a specific consultant (individual or company) in the Tiki Service Provider program does not constitute an endorsement by the Tiki Software Community Association. However, all consultants are members of the Tiki Community and have agreed to the Tiki Consultants Code of Conduct. By working with these consultants, clients are helping to grow the Tiki Community.

Conférence Web collaborative avec Tiki et BigBlueButton

Author: GuyVigneault - Published

Depuis l'intégration initiale de BigBlueButton (BBB) dans Tiki (la première fois en Tiki 5,0), Tiki et les communautés BBB sont devenus des partenaires stratégiques. Chaque version de Tiki Wiki Groupware CMS a aussi une intégration plus étroite.

Dans cette vidéo, Marc Laporte, un membre de la Communauté Tiki et Fred Dixon de Blindside Networks discute de l'intégration de BigBlueButton sein de l'infrastructure Tiki. Le Réseaux Blindside se consacre à aider les universités, les collèges et les sociétés commerciales pour offrir une expérience d'apprentissage de qualité élevée à des étudiants à distance.

Vous pouvez essayer Tiki et l'intégration BigBlueButton à http://live.tiki.org . Voir http://dev.tiki.org/BigBlueButton pour en savoir plus sur la feuille de route à long terme pour l'intégration BBB + Tiki.

En Mars 2011, les deux communautés tiendront une session de développement conjointe afin d'améliorer encore l'intégration. Ce sera la deuxième TikiFest de se concentrer sur BigBlueButton. Voir http://tiki.org/TikiFestBigBlueButton2 pour plus de détails.

Collaborative web conferencing with Tiki and BigBlueButton

Author: Rick - Published

Since the initial integration of BigBlueButton (BBB) into Tiki (first introduced in Tiki 5.0), the Tiki and BBB communities have become strategic partners. Each release of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware has featured tighter integration, and the Tiki Community extensively dogfoods BBB at each TikiFest.

In this video, Marc Laporte, a member of the Tiki Community and Fred Dixon of Blindside Networks discuss the integration of BigBlueButton within the Tiki infrastructure. Blindside Networks is dedicated to helping universities, colleges, and commercial companies deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students.

You can try out the BigBlueButton and Tiki integration at http://live.tiki.org. See http://dev.tiki.org/BigBlueButton to learn more about the long-term roadmap for Tiki+BBB integration.

In March 2011, the two communities will hold a joint development session to further improve integration. This will be the second TikiFest to focus on BigBlueButton. See http://tiki.org/TikiFestBigBlueButton2 for details.

You can explore the BigBlueButton and Tiki integration and see it in action at live.tiki.org. See http://dev.tiki.org/BigBlueButton to learn more about the long-term roadmap for Tiki+BBB integration.

Joyeux anniversaire Wikipedia !

Author: GuyVigneault - Published

Le 15 Janvier 2011, Wikipedia aura 10 ans (Tiki aura lui 9 ans en Octobre!) Et il y a des centaines d'événements partout dans le monde. De nombreux membres de la communauté Tiki sont également impliqués dans Wikipedia et sont présents ou à l'organisation des célébrations dans leurs villes.

Si vous êtes intéressé à Wikipedia et les wikis en général, aller à http://ten.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page et trouver (ou organiser) un événement près de chez vous!

Happy Birthday Wikipedia!

Author: Rick - Published

On January 15, 2011, Wikipedia will turn 10 (Tiki turns 9 in October!) and there are hundreds of events around the world. Many Tiki Community members are also involved with Wikipedia and are attending or to organizing celebrations in their cities.

If you're interested in Wikipedia and wikis in general, go to http://ten.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page and find (or organize) an event near you!