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Marc Laporte named to CMS MVP List

Author: Rick - Published

Congratulations to Marc Laporte who has been named to PacketPub's list of Most Valued People from Open Source Content Management Systems.

Some community comments about Marc include...

He has been the person re-activating the full community world-wide, traveling many places around the globe to organize TikiFests, investing money to improve the overall performance and look and feel of the application through hiring countless coders.

Unflinching dedication.

Marc is a driving force within the TikiWiki community and continually works to move the project ahead. He can routinely be seen on the forums, in the IRC channel, or face-to-face at a TikiFest.

Congratulations again to Marc, and thank you for your continuing contributions to TikiWiki!

For details about the 2008 Open Source CMS Most Valued People awards, see: http://www.packtpub.com/article/open-source-cms-most-valued-people-announced

Nominate TikiWiki for Open Source CMS Award

Author: Rick - Published

You can help nominate TikiWiki for a 2008 Open Source CMS Award. Nominations now being taken!

The Packt Open Source Content Management System Award is designed to encourage, support, recognize and reward Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) that have been selected by a panel of judges and visitors to www.PacktPub.com. Now entering its third year, the Award has established itself as an important measure for quality and the popularity of Open Source Content Management Systems.

You can nominate Tiki for the following awards:

Additionally, you nominate someone from the TikiWiki community for an Open Source CMS MVP award. This is designed to recognize the contributions to projects made by individuals that often go unnoticed.

Nominations end October 26.

Nominate Tiki for the 2007 Opensource CMS Awards

Author: Rick - Published

The Packt Open Source Content Management System Award is designed to encourage, support, recognize and reward an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that has been selected by a panel of judges and visitors. Nominations are being accepted through August 31.

We need your help — nominate Tiki in the following categories:

The CMS applications that receive the most votes in their category will go through to the final stage, which starts in September.

TikiWiki and Wiki-Translation.com at the 2008 Libre Software Meeting in France

Author: Anonymous - Published

The LSM (Libre Software Meeting) is an opportunity to come together around free software. This event is organized each year and for the 9th edition is hosted in the town of Mont de Marsan, in France, from 1 to 5 July 2008.

Over 3000 participants from all over the World are expected to attend. There are 14 tracks:

  • Accessibility and Handicap
  • Administration and Public policies
  • Local government
  • Communities
  • Main meetings
  • Development and community development
  • Education, popular education
  • Business
  • Digital leisures
  • Medicine / Health
  • security and network
  • System
  • Embedded
  • Web

2008 Community Choice Awards

Author: Rick - Published

YOU can help nominate TikiWiki for the SourceForge.net 2008 Community Choice Awards. Use this link to nominate TikiWiki (you'll need a SF.net account):


Read more about the award, here.

Wiki-Translation Newsletter #1

Author: Marc Laporte, Sébastien Paquet and Alain Désilets - Published

Greetings everyone! This month we're kicking off a newsletter series that will highlight significant developments in the Wiki-Translation community.

Our news items today:

1. Great progress & demo video of the Cross-Lingual Wiki Engine Project (CLWE)
2. Call for Participation: Babel Wiki Workshop on Cross-Language Collaboration
3. Marc Laporte to address UN and EU organisations at JIAMCATT

TikiWiki Listed in EContent Top 100

Author: Rick - Published

TikiWiki CMS/Groupware has been named to the Seventh Annual EContent 100. The annual list contains the companies "that matter most in the digital content industry."

The wealth of new features and enhancements contained in the upcoming Release 1.10 will no doubt maintain Tiki's position as one of the best digital content and social media platforms.