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Profile pictures?

Jonny Bradley Friday 29 July 2022

Hi Tiki Gardeners

It seems i can't upload a new profile picture, maybe because i don't have any that are only 45px x 45px (which is tiny!), so i was thinking of enabling user_store_file_gallery_picture which means the picture can be more or less any size and uses the filegals.

I use this on most tikis i set up and it works fine, but i've not tried it with inter-tiki enabled, or on such an old upgraded tiki - should we have a go here?

I would try it on https://next.tiki.org but that looks rather borken just now...

Backup index?

Jonny Bradley Monday 31 January 2022

Volker on the users list reported the search index was down on doc.t.o so i checked and it seems the unified_elastic_mysql_search_fallback pref is disabled there and probably on other sites - so should i enable it?

Is it safe enough now (i seem to remember it was a little precarious a while ago)?

Preview images for social media etc

Jonny Bradley Thursday 13 January 2022

I noticed on Element (Matrix/Gitter) that the preview images for links to doc and dev were pretty random, so i added socialnetworks_twitter_site_name, socialnetworks_twitter_site_image , socialnetworks_facebook_site_name and socialnetworks_facebook_site_image for them both.

I guess themes etc will need them too - also, they're in a really bad place now (the legacy tab of the social control panel, i'll add them the metatags panel too, which is where i thought they were...)

fixing some yaml code that didn't validate since tiki18 in official profiles

Xavier de Pedro Saturday 08 January 2022

I've just noticed (after some hours of testing) how to fix some of the profiles that were shown to fail in all versions since tiki18, according to the Tiki Profiles Tester.
https://tikiwiki-ci.gitlab.io/tiki-profiles-tester/ (last run on 22-09-2021 23:55:25)

It seems that yaml validation changed since tiki16 or 17 probably, because all profiles worked in Tiki16 (I tested them all many times) but some of them seem to fail badly in all versions since then. At least:

Current validation system (the same since Tiki18 maybe?) seems to conflict with tracker item values (defined in yaml code) with empty values, whereas they validate if they are defined as two consecutive single quotes ( '' ).
This is relatively easy to avoid replacing these cases in the conflicting profiles.

There seems to be some other issue, which is the definition of tracker permanent names based on this type of syntax $f_1, used in wiki page templates, as used in profile Barter_Market. E.g.

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This syntax used to be parsed properly at profile application, but it currently doesn't, as far as I've seen in recent tikis.