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Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: tikiwiki on PDA

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Woohoo!!! Running on an iPaq is just great! That is exactly what I hoped for.

If an app the size of TikiWiki can run on such a device, what do you think about this business solution running on a handheld or other small device:

  • access control
  • time keeping
  • job registration
  • fuel distribution
  • up to 5000 employees
  • up to 100 registration devices (smart card or contactless card readers like the Mifare technology)
  • up to 100 doors, gates, barriers,...
  • this all connected over IP to a small device on which the access control software runs

The only problem I see is the huge size of the database for historical data and reporting purposes, that would have to be transferred to off-line storage, like a database server running on a real pc. But all the real-time stuff should be able to run on something very small... woohoo! I think I'll make our R&D department very happy! biggrin