Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Windows zip file for Tiki 1.8 on all mirror sites is a bad archvie!

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I tried downloading and installing the Windows 1.8.4 zip file tonight and it’s a bad archive file. I tried WinZip9 and WinRar and they both tell me it’s got problems, and I tried downloading from 4 different mirrors; they are all identical and all bad...

1.7 unzips fine, so I know it’s a bad archive file, and I even tried to unzip individual bad files in WinRar and they are hosed.

Please fix ASAP; I need my updated Tiki site ASAP!

Thanks and great work,

Kind Regards from the USA, San Jose, CA

Jeff Papineau
jpapineau at valchemy.com


The .bz2 version of 1.8.4 does seem to unpack correctly with WinRar...

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1.8.4 is known to be a problem. Except it works fine for me using Gentoo's unzip. But (much cheering) I have no binbows pc to check with now.


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OK, well I just tried the tar.gz and it's screwed too.

What kind of sH*t do you use to zip these archives?

I would suggest the fasted way to drive users away is to put up archives people can't use. You might consider using a standard utility that actually knows about the rest of the real world and not just it's own local microcosm.

I'd fix it myself but have yet to find anything that WinRar understands...

Assuming I am able to find some kind of archive I can unscramble, is there someplace I can upload a good zip?



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Iirc, WinRar also has (read-only?) support for gzipped archives, so try one of the other archive formats.

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Still bad 19/10.
Whilst the older files seem ok it is those dated 31/7 which seem to be causing the problem including, ironically the README file cry