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Wiki links color

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Is it possible to chose the color of wiki links? To make them different from http links...
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In 1.9 (I didn't remember if it is in 1.8) the external link has a class external - so you can edit your css to change the color of the class. In 1.9 too, you have in admin -> wiki, use an icon for external link (the actual tw.org conf)
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Merci Sylvie. Vivement la 1.9 en prod.

What? No, I didn't speak French...

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Il ya trop de francophones dans tiki.. Mais comme il ne se passe rien sur fr.tikiwiki

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You have to edit the stylesheet file for the theme that you're using.

Eg., I use the theme moreneat. So I'd have to edit the file /styles/moreneat.css

In moreneat.css, I look for the lines

/* Links to wiki pages */
.wiki { color:#335966; text-decoration:underline;}
.wiki:hover {color: #436976;text-decoration:underline;}

Just replace "#335966" with the code for the colour you want wikii links to render in.

Another useful thing you could do while you're at it is add a line that will justify all your wiki text.

You do this by including the following line in the "div.wikitext" section


Hope this helps.

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Thank you Prashant. It does help.

I am trying a few tricks like that on a local css, and if it looks good I'll put that online.

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