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Hi, I hope some of you can point me in the right direction. I have an enormous database with all kinds of statistical information. E.g. race drivers with all their results, etc.

Now I have created some coding using the Graphitti example in the 1.6 documentation. That led to some nice dynamic pages, e.g. statistics of a specified race driver.

What I would like to achieve now is to mix this kind of dynamic database content with a Wiki. The wiki would be used e.g. to write a biography by web visitors.

The final result would be a page with a lot of statistical information (depending on which race dirver you choose) pulled from a mysql database (this is in place but maybe not in a prefered way?) combined with one or more Wikis on the same page which can be edited by visitors.

I hope some of you can help me bit further.

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You can use trackers for such tabular content, and the tracker plugins to show/edit them on wiki pages.

If your db exist and must be usable outside tikiwiki, the approach could be similar, have the db in a accesible database, and build a plugin to show the information in a wiki page, and maybe for editing could base in the tracker php programs to build a similar interface but with other kind of input data and maybe restrictions.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. Managing the data is outside the scoopy I have other routines for that. I just have the data in a seperated mysql database (within the same mysql installation), just give the tiki user read access to that databases.
I think I have to focus on "build a plugin to show the information in a wiki page". I just needed such a hint, I'm gonna try that first.

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There is a SQL plugin, but it opens possible security problems if your site has a few editors.

I personally would develop a new feature set and/or plugins to handle the external data source. (I have development packages available in my online shop if you need help)

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I have played around with the plugin option. And indeed with that I can achieve more what I want. But I'm trying to found out if it is possible to other way around. Now I have a Wiki with a function included. Is it also possible to have a Wiki included in a page generated like the Graffitti example? Some kind of include function of a Wiki (maybe using a iFrame, a predefined function, etc).

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