Re : Is Best language the Best idea?

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THe best language site is only done for 2 things:
1) when you are building a multilingual documentation, you don't want to take care of the link from page to page until the translation is finished (or on a regular basis) ... You imagine when you translate you have to change the link to another page if the translation already exists otherwise you keep the same link. Tikiwiki doesn't have yet the same page name for 2 different pages.
Best Language has no sense for a "finished" site
MultilingualStep2 plans a link computation .
2) It can be used for the documentation link - the ? in tikiwiki

I agree that if you can read in one language, you can go on... But you can feel better in one language
Browser preference and best language can be a little concurrent but best language can be more generic... The idea was to be able to introduce "the quality of the translation" + "last update" to select a language.
But I suppose you don't like "browser language preference" too.

PS: You can always take away this feature, the tag in admin, some lines in tiki-index and a routine in multilingual.lib ;-)
PS: If you want to collaborate to MultilingualStep2. Welcome

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