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Mail-in and Exchange mail server - winmail.dat filtering?

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Something I've been surprised to see is that nobody has ever posted here regarding winmail.dat attachments from Outlook/Exchange screwing up mail-in parsing.

I get this error:
Notice: Undefined property: parts in /var/www/html/tiki/tiki-mailin-code.php on line 77

When I turn off HTML email and send text only, the problem goes away. This has taken me a while to resolve, since at first I just assumed mail-in was broken all together on windows, so I moved to Linux and found the same problem existed, so then I started to look at the actual email headers and attachments and found the attachment copied below.

Does anyone know if it's easy to somehow filter these webmail.dat attachements? I have a feeling it's going to be very hard to convince my IT guy to turn these off in Exchange, for fear it will muck with Outlook functionality (it won't) and I know I can't expect users to turn of HTML email.

Any clues appreciated.


Content-Type: application/ms-tnef;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

............removed stuff here ...........TlRGUk9NSU5TSURFVEhFQ09NUEFOWQAAAgF/AAEAAAA9AAAAPDRBNjc0RUMyNTExRjI1NEVCOURG


And here is a link to some info about winmail.dat:


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Which tiki release?

Multipart messages was ok until some releases in 1.9 . Now it is a bug . ReleaseProcess19. It needs some work :-(

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