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Features / Usability

PDF output doesn't work (on large documents?)

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I've built a large structure for a book and filled it with some content already. I can export several pages to PDF, but when I try to export the whole book (all pages), it just sits there for e.g. 30 seconds, and then returns an empty page.

anything I can do about it?

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It doesn't seem to work on large documents (my experience, also).
However, check PdfGenerationDev , since some people start gathering money to pay somebody to fix it. if you are interested? wink
I wrote yesterday to Marc Laporte and Jason Diceman to ask them about any news for bugfixing the pdf generation, but no answer yet...


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It would be nice if there could a page break for each structure page too.

And also if links could become internal to the pdf instead of pointing to the original webpages.