Horrible footer


I think something ought to be done about the appearance of the default footer.

I understand the justification of all those logos, but they are so numerous and, with the addition of rss buttons, they become clearly a nuisance.

It is just compulsory time-consuming work for the consciencious webmaster to edit the logo. Those who can't do that will just remove bot or even change cms.

There are many cms who have elegant discreet opensource buttons. The tiki bot bar is close to aesthetic provocation.


I think smaller images would be nicer; I'm not sure what is possible legally, though. Some organizations, like PHP, seem to be very flexible, but others may have strict use requirements. Something to investigate, I imagine.

Some CMSs put the logos in a side column box. I don't know if that's any better or not. Of course, if they're in a module, then it's easier for end users to edit them as might be needed.

Normally a site wouldn't have all the RSS buttons showing, I imagine, so that may be less a problem. These, too, could be an a side module, if that would be better.

-- Gary

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