How can I modify mnu_application_menu


Being a newbie, I apoligize if this question is to easy for you guys...confused

I want to modify mnu_application_menu, and has somehow come up with the idea that this should be done by modifying the file: 'mod-application_menu.tpl'

I have tried to write "test" i this file just to verify that this is the correct file.
I have done this both in the "tiki\templates\modules\mod-application_menu.tpl" and in "tiki\templates\modules\styles\<selected_theme_folder>\mod-application_menu.tpl", but nothing happens.

I have also tried to delete the cached module templates under system admin.

(By the way my goal with modifying the menu is that I would like to have a different menu, depending on which area of the website, the user is browsing: e.i.: a user visiting the image-gallery should see a list of imagegalleries in the menu, and a user visiting the article area should see the list of article topics. Is there an easier way to do this.)


By the way, I know how to modify the menu, as an admin user in tikiwiki.

I plan to set a variable called $lpage_area in the different .php files, and then in the mod-application_menu.tpl check on the value to determine which part of the menu to show.

E.i: in the tiki-galleries.php I would set the var $lpage_area to "gallery" to let the application menu know that this is the area that we are in.

But as long as I cannot do the otherwise simple task to find the correct file to modify, then I cannot go any further with this modification of the menu. cry



This might be relavant and useful info:

"The menu module installed by default is named mnu_application_menu – it is a "custom module" which includes menu ID 42. That menu is stored in database and it can be edited from Admin » Menus.
(Do not mix this with the original application_menu module. That one can be heavily customized to match style used but it can be currently done only by editing mod-application_menu.tpl file "manually")"

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