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Re: Dead Tiki = expect problems not answers?

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> I was happy with Tiki only for 3 days...

I am sorry to hear that.

> When I was choosing a host for my website first thing I checked was if they have forums and how fast they answer questions. Not emails, not tickets, not irc - but FORUMS! And my host's reaction is measured in minutes if not in seconds. Even if they can't solve your problem they answer! Because forums is the place where all interested parties can see your performance.

As you can see here, the forums, wiki pages, etc are all very active.

> Do Open Source software users have rights to expect answers from its creators?

Do Open Source creators have rights to expect answers from its users?

> Or, even more , is someone responsible here?...

Many people here contribute. If you want, you can become one of them too. smile

> Don't understand me wrong, I am very much supporter of OSS but... if you go that high into public like Tiki maybe it's time to think about your customers? Or are you going to feed Microsoft with "overall cost for free software is higher..."

I am very pleased Tiki has become a highly used application.

The traditional customer supplier relationship doesn't hold when you download an Open Source Application. If that is what you want, you can hire someone to help.

If you want help here, please describe your problem and maybe someone will know how, and choose to help.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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The problems are described here:
And if you have a look there are much more unanswered posts which might have situation like this: