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Re: Changing default on PM

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Hi Bluey,

I suggest doing a surgery to the Tiki Database if you feel comfortably with blood...

Run the following script to find the users who have problem with PM:

SELECT 'user'
FROM `tiki_user_preferences`
WHERE `prefName` = 'allowMsgs' AND `value` = 'n' LIMIT 0 , 30;

Then you can change the option "Allow messages from other users" in user Preferences/Other Preferences for every user of this select.

Or you can "kill" all these ennoying rows by

FROM `tiki_user_preferences`
WHERE `prefName` = 'allowMsgs' AND `value` = 'n'.

The oprion will be "YES" in the next login.


PS I tried creating a new user in my Tiki (v.1.9.0) and the oprion "Allow messages from other users" is by deafault YES.