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edu.tikiwiki.org is down?

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Hi! Is it just me, my ISP or what? What happened to edu.tikiwiki.org? Have been getting a "Server Error" message over the past week or so. frown

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Josephine, it's been down due to some intruder in there.
That's what Fracnis Steen told us to the other edu.tw.o admins (mose, sylvie & me).
I've requested him a backup of the site, to be able to put it up again in another server, if needed, but got no answer yet... and he doesn't seem to be in the USA, qhere the servir is...

A shame for many of us.
I hope they set the server up soon, or just send the mysql backup of the site as requsted (but no news yet)

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Thanks, Xavi, for the explanation. Sounds bad. frown Why would anyone want to 'intrude' on the site? Why do some people want to destroy what others have built up?

But the data is intact, I hope. Surely it is?

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> btw, did you make a copy of the SuggestedFeatures page? I wish I did.

No, ?? didn't, unluckily.
I've requested (again) to have the backup sent to me by the sysadmin of the site, so that we can setup a new edu.tw.o site anywhere else.
No answer yet...