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Setting default sorting and forum style

Hello everyone,
I have been searching for a couple days for a way to change the default setting of how threads are sorted within a forum topic. The current default is "Newest First" and I would like to modify this to: "Oldest first". Also, I would like to change the default display style from "Threaded" to "Plain". I have looked through every admin page there is and haven't been able to find a spot where these default values can be modified. Looking through this forum also resulted in no answers. I can't be the only one who would need such a thing, am I?
I am assuming there is no possibility to modify this within the TikiWiki environment without modifying the PHP source code. Is this true?
tiki-admin_forums.php seems to contain the code for how the forum is displayed. Any advice would be appreciated.



Please try:

Here are your choices:

Default ordering for topics:

  1. Date (desc)
  2. Date (asc)
  3. Score (desc)
  4. Replies (desc)
  5. Reads (desc)
  6. Last post (desc)
  7. Title (desc)
  8. Title (asc)

Default ordering for threads:

  1. Date (desc)
  2. Date (asc)
  3. Score (desc)
  4. Title (desc)
  5. Title (asc)

So, you want "Default ordering for threads" to be Date (asc)

About threaded & plain, I don't see where the option is.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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