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Galaxia Workflow Engine

Smarty and Music CD Loans 2


I installed egroupware-1.2.102 and ran workflow using Music CD Loans on my system of Linux Apache-2, Php-5, Mysql-4.
All setup look fine...

When I run Browse CDs of Music CD Loans following message comes:

Browse CDs
{*Smarty template*}
Listing CDs
{section name=ix loop=$cds} {/section}
Title Status Action
{$cdsix.title} {$cdsix.status} change status

It looks Smarty not working.
How does egroupware hook to Smarty?
Do I need some other installation and setup for Music CD Loans example?

Any help and hint is appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,


In Tikiwiki, there is a smarty directory that is installed along with the rest of Tikiwiki. Then Smarty functions "automatically". I downloaded ))eGroupWare, out of curiosity (ho, a 40MB archive), and did a search through the files for the term "Smarty" but only the page you quote from turned up as a result — there are none of the lib/smarty files that Tiki has. I didn't find any documentation at theeGroupWare(( site about Smarty, either. From other searches, I think eGroupware now uses another template system, and apparently the workflow file wasn't updated to match.

You should probably ask your question at the eGroupWare forum.

-- Gary