Any recommendation?

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Hi there, I was searching for the best webhosting service in replace with the worst I had now until I bumped into this site and saw a comparative review of the best hosting services in the web. I have seen this site: http://www.hosting-buyers-guide.com/re/2005midphase/ and according to their review this hosting service is no1. Can anyone give me some feedback about this company? Hoping for your feedbacks. Thanks a lot.
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MidPhase is a cost-effective web hosting provider that sets the price starting at $1.77/mo. It offers enough features including Perl, Python, PHP5, cPanel, free domain, 2,500 POP/Imap E-mail Accounts and many more. You can check a feature chart of this web host at https://linkedhosts.com/midphase-review/. 

As for the hosting performance, its uses the robust web servers and world-class data centers, promising a good uptime and page loadind speed. Anyway, this is a worth-trying web host if your website is not that large.

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