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Re: Re: Re: Expert advice on big project!

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Hi Thomas:

> Hello Xavi,
> Thanks for the response.

> I was already wondering around on the different sites and found the WikiPluginsDb, which seemed also very interesting, but is not maintained for a long time.

Yes, I was very interested on the dev. of Yannick Mayoros... (I found a bug stopper, whicih nobody could fix, years ago, and I stopped playing with it, but definitively it's promising stuff!)

> I guess I will try the Aula wiki first thing tomorrow. ( My finalthesis was about reseaching a model for a european networked university (mENU) where I concluded that the EML from the open universty of Holland should be used (eml.ou.nl) , so I am very curious about the possibilites)

Very interesting... :-)

> Anyways, correct me if i am wrong but i believe this are the steps to be taking:
> Build catagories
> Create & build aulawiki environment
> Build menu
> Build templates
> Bring site live ;)

If you go the AulaWiki (Workspaces) way, then the order is:

  1. Create & build aulawiki environment
    (they create the categories, even if you may not like the default names created byu aulawiki Mod, because of the prefix attached to them, then)
  2. Build menu (probably one for all of the same group of items: cities, faculties, )
  3. Build templates
  4. Bring site live ;)

AulaWiki 0.6 is going to be released very soon (this week?), and I wonder which improvements to permission handling (and documentation) will be included, from the ones announced by Javier Reyes, AulaWiki author)

If you go the manual way, then the order is:

  1. Build catagories
  2. Build menus (probably, one for each city, faculty, ...),
  3. Build templates
  4. Bring site live ;)

> Greetz,
> Thomas
Good luck,
(and please, inform about your progression... I'm very interested in seing such a site in action)


P.D: Read the http://doc.tikiwiki.org for information about creating structures, playing with categories, etc. And if you don't find a page on a subject there, try searching for the same subject in tw.o pages.