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Architecture / Installation

Re: Remote authentication

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> The user database for my Tiki is stored elsewhere and accessible via an ASP page. In my Tiki, I have a form that takes 2 items (MemberID & passowrd) and sends the info in a POST form.
> The authentication server returns the information to my Tiki (either as a GET or POST):
> *MemberID (if it was a valid request)
> *MemberName (if it was a valid request)
> *ErrorMessage (if it was an invalid request)
> In the event of a valid request how can I:
> *Automatically logon to my Tiki (as a "Registered" user)
> or
> *Create a new user account in my Tiki user DB (if it doesn't already exist) and automatically logon to my Tiki (as that user).
> Any help?
> -Rick

you can always sent via POST or GET request to tiki-login.php, e.g.:


simmilar with registration