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Re: A few questions i need help on

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> Hello, i am new to tikiwiki and was hoping someone with experience can advice...
> i have been playing around with my new tikiwiki learning how things work and have accidently erased the top portion of code in the "site adds and banners" box under the "site identity" feature. Can somebody tell me where i might be able to copy and paste what was originally in this box or perhaps provide a copy. I am in no way "technical" so please reply in laymans terms if you can advise.
> I have a few other questions that i will try to bundle in this one post:
> 1) is it possible to change the titles of modules?....ie the mudule "directory" i wanted to change to read "Directory of links"...how?....where?

If you mean simply changing the text in th <h1> tag, then yes. You'll just need to edit the template file (.TPL) that corresponds to the PHP file that you want to change. For example, to change the title Directory in tiki-directory_browse.php, simply edit the tiki-directory_browse.tpl file.

> 2) Can i insert a flash header at the top of every page and if so how and where?

If you want it to appear on every page, then edit the header.tpl template file. Simply add the code to insert the flash banner. Or you could use Tiki's Banner Ads feature to do this within Tiki — it be much easier to configure and customize.

> 3) where can i change the colors of the site to my own choices of hex values instead of using preset themes?

I suggest reading Styles and Themes in the docs to get started.



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