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Hey everyone,

I was wondering whether anyone here has tried using Tiki with a very high number of users — something like 200-300k — and if so, what sort of experience they had with it? In order to test whether Tiki could handle that many, I ran a SQL import of 50k users and created an initial usergroup entry for each as well (basically, replicating what the Admin Users batch import tool did, but directly using SQL). When I tried to view the Admin Users page post-import, it failed to load the page at the 9sec mark.

When I turned on display_errors in php, I got a Fatal Error: Maximum allocated memory exceeeded (I had my memory_limit set to 32M). I set it up to memory_limit = 64M and then restarted Apache; when I tried to load the Admin Users page again it just failed load with no errors this time (after about 18sec).

Has anyone else tried to get Tiki to work with a very large number of users like this, and if so, what did you do to get around these sorts of problems? Thanks!


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Hi Dave!

That's a very high and very interesting number of users!!

I have no direct answer, but a few similar situations:

A- I had a wiki with 300 000 wiki pages (which were imported). At first (1.9.7), it would choke and eat up a lot of memory. SylvieG fixed up a few queries and tweaked the indexes and it has been fine since. These fixes were incorporated in 1.9.8

B- The mozilla support site (http://support.mozilla.com/) has been doing some work for high load & load balancing.

I think, with a bit of work, Tiki will be able to handle this. Can you coordinate with the TikiWiki community to get these fixes/enhancements in the main code base?

One thing that will need disabling/modifying is listing of all users in a drop-down menu (cause that would be 200 000 lines in the browser!). It should be replaced with a search username field (with AJAX to be fancy!). We have the same problem with our trackers over at http://dev.tikiwiki.org with 8700 users. It's bearable but unconfortable.

Best regards,

M ;-)