Galaxia Workflow Engine

Is Galaxia still alive?

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Just found TikiWiki and love it!!!!

Galaxia (Workflow) sounds interesting but after 3 hours of reading the documentation and playing around with activating modules and trying everything I can I can't get Galaxia admin to appear anywhere.

Did Galaxia get ripped out of 1.9.10 ?

All I need is a little help to find the admin controls to appear.

Thanks for any help.


Did you activate "Workflow engine" on the Admin Features page (tiki-admin.php?page=features)? I'm looking at a installation and Workflow is part of the package.

Workflow was on the verge of becoming abandonware but Mike Kerr (kerrnel22) came to the rescue and has put time into debugging, etc. I think his work on this is more or less on hold until Tiki 1.10 beta stabilizes. See also http://workflow.tikiwiki.org.

-- Gary

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Yes, I've checked the boxes and see the section about Workflow but find no way to activate admin controls.

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I clicked EVERY box on the features page right after installation so Workflow Engine is activated and I get Workflow as the second item on the main menu on the left.

Still can't fine an admin control function anywhere.



Do you get an admin page here: tiki-g-admin_processes.php ?

-- Gary

United States

Hey, yes, please visit the http://workflow.tikiwiki.org site for Galaxia related stuff. As current champion for this feature, I rarely check the forums here.

Work priorities have forced me to focus a little more on the trackers, but recent developments have reshifted my focus to getting the workflow system optimized. I have made some improvements and fixes to make it functional as you will see by the examples on the workflow site. Still a ways to go though.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have over on the forums over there.


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