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trouble with "tracker" import of .csv file

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Hi all,

I have read the tracker "import" documentation, but I still have trouble importing data in to a tracker that I setup with 7 text fields. It will function as a phone directory for my company.

I manually entered two items in the tracker, then exported, then pasted my data in to the exported csv file, and then imported the file in to the tracker. It completes without error, and when I look at the tracker listing, it shows 207 items. But when I click on the tracker, it only displays the two I entered manually, but not the imported ones.

I use Excel 2007 to save the file in csv format. Does anyone have any tips on importing or otherwise to help me get this data in there and displayed?

I appreciate your time...(btw, we are running Tiki 2.0)


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Disregard...using OpenOffice's Calc did the trick on this. :-)


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Could you help us with documentation, darreln?

Please, include how to csv import, if not documented yet.
Thanks in advanced, and welcome to Tikiwiki Community :-)

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Yes, I can certainly try that...I'll try to get to that shortly..
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Hey, so quick! Thanks heaps, darreln!

And welcome to Tikiwiki Community!

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I can't get csv import to work with Open Office Calc.
Tiki ver 8, same problem as reported above.
I followed all the instructions about exporting and then installed open office and saved the final file with that with the correct separators etc.
Tiki says it's imported the correct amount of records, and updates the Items count. But no data is inserted. 0 Items on the View Items List.

do the headers need to have --n?
firstname 1, lastname 2, .... etc odd... that bit is looking like a strikethrough to me.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Cody,

maybe it is not much of a help, but I just want to mention, that I had problems in importing .CSV files into Tiki when they have been edited with an Office software.

As far as I understand, "higher" software like Office suites save more infoirmation than it would be appropriate for "clean" textbased .CSV files made in an real texteditor.

In my experience it is no problem to export or create then edit, save and import to Tiki, if you do that with editors like "Notepad" (Windows), "gedit" (Linux), "Vim", etc..

Maybe it is just a problem of the charset or other details which you maybe would not see in the editor.
You might try to open your Office created .CSV file in a plain editor first (as basic software as possible, so maybe just the Windows "Editor", save it and then try another import.

Another hint to track down the cause would be to try the export of an existing tracker or menu, etc as .CSV, then open it NOT in Office, but with one of the above plain texteditors, do some simple edit on it, maybe just delete some items or change some content.

existing tracker item Id numbers must all be changed to "0", if you want to import to a new tracker or import as new items adding to the existinbg ones.

Now save the .CSV with the editor and try to import it back to Tiki.
If that works, you know that mostlikely the problem is related to Office.

Please reply back, if that was any help.


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Thanks for the reply. I've been trying to export the data with OO Calc, being very careful with separators, I've also tried bringing in the data to Notepad++. Here is an example.

itemId,status,created,lastModif,category — 1,lastname — 2,firstname — 3,expire — 15,nickname — 4,street1 — 5,street2 — 6,city — 7,prov — 8,country — 9,postal — 10,phone — 11,email — 12,55+ — 13,join — 14,image — 16,url — 39,group — 18,notes — 19,cardsent — 41,enteredby — 17
186,o,1315859491,1315859491,member,Hxxxt,Bxxxa,1346371200,barbh,13,1550 xxxxxx Rd.,Victoria,BC,Canada,V8N 1C6,250-555-6842,bxxxxxw@yahoo.com,yes,1246320000,,,,,1314489600,sa
187,o,1315859491,1315859491,member,Cxxxxxn,Stefan,1343692800,stxxxc,48,1550 xxxx Rd.,Victoria,BC,Canada,V8N 1C6,250-555-8777,sxxxxxxx@shaw.ca,yes,1341100800,,,,,-2147483648,cg

Above is an example of the headers, exported by trackers, and a couple of records modified to protect privacy. There should be 142 records/items in total. This file was opened and saved in Notepad++.

itemId, status, created, lastModif colums are in the original export, but I'm guessing they should not be in the import because they are not a part of the tracker item table?

Also, what about those dashes and numbers in the headers? Do they belong in the import?
Also, some new data is not in linux time format, but in yyy-mm-dd format. Might this be screwing up everything?

Thanks for your help.