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WYSIWYG for Wiki articles - Does it work?

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I have recently installed TikiWiki 2.0 and am trying to get the WYSIWYG editor working with Wiki pages. I have enabled the WYSIWYG feature under the Features/Experimental tab.

It works fine for Blog posts, but clicking the "WYSIWYG editor" tab when editing Wiki articles just seems to reload the "normal" editor. Is there something I'm doing wrong here, like some extra option that I have to enable or a permission to check?

I apologise if this question has been asked a thousand times before - I've looked through the documentation (which seems to be out of date on this topic) and the forums extensively and can't seem to find anything. Be nice :-)


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(From a new and inexperienced user):
Once you enable it in the experimental section, go to Admin: General and the (new) right hand icon at the top is 'wysiwig'

That page has 'reopen with same editor' as the the third option - so maybe to unclick that? Works for me, in as far as a new (different) editor appears. Doesn't look very wysiwig though...

It does say experimental ;)

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I have the WYSIWYG editor working for Wiki pages. Did you try looking under Admin->WYSIWYG (It has its own admin page besides the Features)? There is an option there that says "Reopen with the same editor", although I have no idea what this means exactly. Mine is checked, which I assume must be the default option.

As far as experimental goes, I've noticed some quirks like it suffers from a similar "extra line spacing" problem that Microsoft Word also has when dealing with HTML text (I guess this is more to do with HTML itself). Another quirk is that existing Wiki markup doesn't always seem to get processed nicely and will display as one huge long line. However, all that aside it works reasonably well and would be good for users who are not as comfortable with computers as others.

I personally will stick with marking up text by hand, with the occasional use of QuickTags, but the WYSIWYG does indeed work.