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Opens to Blank Page

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I have my hosting package through Network Solutions so I didn't have to install anything. I set up a Tiki site as a community page for my website. Everything was going fine until this week when I working on catagories. It went to a blank page and now it opens to a blank page.

I contacted Network Solutions and this was their answer

I did a repair of your TikiWiki through the Account Manger and it is still returning a blank page. There is something misconfigured within TikiWiki. Our support for TikiWiki is limited to the functions available in the Account Manager. For additional support, consult the resources at TikiWiki.org.

Please help. I read through this forum and I am even more confused.


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Can you not log in to Tiki at all? i.e. any page you try to access it blank? If that's the case you'll probably have to change things through the database directly and I defer to someone with greater expertise on that.

if you can log in and see pages but other users can't then it's most likely a permissions problem for certain user groups, specifically with the categories, since you said that is what you last change. Categories in version 2.0 now have 4 permissions associated with them:

  • tiki_p_edit_categorized
  • tiki_p_view_categories
  • tiki_p_view_categorized
  • tiki_p_admin_categories

You first have to make sure these permissions are assigned to specific user groups e.g. registered user group users should probably be able to view categories (tiki_p_view_categories) and view items within those categories (tiki_p_view_categorized), but you might not want them to be able to edit items within those categories (tiki_p_edit_categorized). The choice is yours.

Any new categories you create will then have the appropriate user group access assigned automatically (provided you leave a check mark in the box labeled "Assign permissions automatically:") when you create new categories. If you want to override the global settings then you can assign those four permissions above to specific user groups for each individual category. I think that for existing categories you may have to go back and edit them manually.